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Book Review: The Little Flower: A Parable of Saint Therese of Lisieux

Hello, friends! I'd like to tell you about a gorgeous new Catholic children's book: "The Little Flower: A Parable of Saint Therese of Lisieux."

This is a picture book for young kids published by Peanut Butter and Grace Books, written by: Becky Arganbright and illustrated by Tracey Arvidson.

Why I recommend this book:

St. Therese shows up in my life when I'm washing dishes or doing laundry or say, [the dreaded] calling Comcast. She's there when I am rushing out the door to a meeting and realize that my phone the washing machine tumbling around in water with my pants. Or, my driver's side door is frozen shut, because I am a Floridian living in Boston who didn't know to shovel the snow off my car last night. She gives me sanity each day and thankfully so! Her "little way" is a quick and beautiful remembrance of God's presence in the everyday little things -- God is in the pansies and buttercups of life. He does appreciate the small things. This book effectively and sweetly brings the message of St. Therese to little children.

The Illustrations, Oh, The Illustrations! Your kids will be enraptured by Tracey's warming, colorful, and calming illustrations. Just look at the cover! Her artwork perfectly captures the exact sense of serenity and wonder that St. Therese brings to each of our hearts.

What KIDS will learn from this book:

  • It's okay if you don't grow up to be a Mega-Star-Superhero-King-Princess-Wonderwoman. Kids are inundated with "I'm a Princess" T-shirts and superhero gear. They feel immense pressure to do great things to please the world. But, most kids are not called to grow-up to sell a million platinum records or go to Harvard - or, even close. But, every kid is called to grow-up to do small things with great love. This book shows kids that they can start changing the world for the better beginning with a little love -- one buttercup at a time.

"Therese came to understand that, like the flowers,

some people serve God in big ways, and some people

serve God in little ways. Even someone little is beautiful to Jesus,

and even someone who serves God in little ways

can make Him smile." [book excerpt]

  • Loving Jesus will make you happy. St. Therese is both devout and joyful. A lot of things make kids happy (ice cream, candy, Nickelodeon, snow days...) But, this book explains that Jesus can give them happiness and joy in life too, especially when they are feeling like they "aren't enough."

"Therese loved Jesus very much.

She loved Him not just a little bit,

but with all her heart!

Loving God made Therese happy." [book excerpt]

  • Jesus appreciates our small efforts. Young children can feel invisible. They are small and can't reach the cupboard. Their helpfulness has limits. They can't do what older kids can do. But, Jesus wants kids to know that He sees and appreciates the little things we do out of love. No gesture is too small for God to notice.

"She could not travel to far-off lands

to tell people about Jesus.

She could not serve the poor like the great saints.

And she could not be like her older sisters

who went away to the Carmelite convent,

spending their days in prayer.

Therese wanted to do great things for Jesus, too.

But how could someone little do great things?" [book excerpt]

A great children's book can be enjoyed by children and adults alike (Thanks, C.S. Lewis). This book certainly qualifies!

I love that the publisher makes this book available to read it it's entirety before purchase. You can preview the whole book right now!

Thanks for reading! You are all in my prayers, dear readers.

Pax Christi,


*I was sent this book in exchange for my honest review. If you are interested in having me review a book, please contact me.*

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